Mama, Just Hit Enter!

This is one of the unique views I get every time I look up from work:

She says, "Good morning world!" every single morning.
She says, “Good morning world!” every single morning.

Beats any given view of a bucket-listed travel destination such as this:


But of course, it doesn’t hurt to see both….

I’m a stay-at-home mum who has an equally very busy four-year-old keeping tabs on the Tab on my laptop.

What’s on your bucket list today?


Christmas in September

Call me cheesy….but I already set up two —yes TWO!— Christmas trees in our home as early as September 3rd.

It just makes my and my daughter’s day to watch those fairy lights twinkle in the semi-dark corner of our bedroom and living room.

Gabby helped me deck these out and couldn’t help but make some comments as she surveyed her progress halfway through hanging some tiny shiny balls.

GABBY: This tree is huge.  My tree in the room is tiny.

ME: Baby, it doesn’t matter, does it?

GABBY: I want the huge tree.

IMG_2430And this is the tiny one…well, it’s not THAT tiny, no.

IMG_2420Do you have any tree-decorating ideas you would like to share with me?




Ooops…Say What?

There was one time when I had a hard time following just about anything:

  • The storyline of a particularly cheesy TV soap..
  • My daughter talking about something she dreamt about the night before..
  • How to boil an egg at eight o’clock in the morning..
  • New followers I want to follow on Twitter…
  • My daughter when she announced she wanted to check the spiders that decided to deck themselves out in the bathroom wall.

And all of these happened in one day.

I really don’t know.  Have I lost my brains somewhere under the couch right next to the TV remote?


I really need to spend more time watching TV.  It relaxes my mind and makes me forget about everything.

Now where did I put the remote?

The Collective Isolation of the Most Vulnerable Mind

I keep collecting notebooks.

When we’re in a mall, my other elder brother says he knows where to find me if ever I hide or whenever they lose me and have no way of contacting me: National Bookstore.  I’m forever in the school supplies section, happily deciding between a 50-page tome-like spiral and a 100-page blue-lined Maths note.

And the funny thing about my obsession is that as soon as I get back home and store my purchases in my shelves, I forget about them.

Then on my next visit to the mall bookstore, I’m back in the school supplies section, cockily indecisive, crazily happy.


Notebooks forever hiding in the shadows
Notebooks forever hiding in the shadows

I collect supermarket and drugstore purchase points just to avail of their free notebooks.  I am also awaiting the newly-opened Starbucks to start their sticker collection promo wherein you collect a sticker for a particular mug of coffee you order for you to avail of their —yes you got it right— notebook, err planner.

Toy and Therapy: my daughter's toy AND the colourful notebooks
Toy and Therapy: my daughter’s toy AND the colourful notebooks

It is an incurably obsessive cycle.  I’m the Martha Stewart of notebook collection.